Facilitating natural birth, empowering women and families through home birth

Birth Song, founded by Yolanda Visser, CPM, provides support, education, monitoring and counsel. These tools help encourage women and their families to be active participants in their pregnancy and birth. Our services include:

  • Initial interviews and education
  • Prenatals, homevisit and lending library
  • Home birth and postpartum care
  • Birth certificate and insurance filing (when applicable)
  • Newborn screening
  • Accessibility to personalized care

Every woman is unique, so midwife Yolanda Visser molds all care around her needs.

Birth Song celebrates the fact that birth is a natural, physiological event. An event that is a time of transition for mother and baby. One that has always been community based and family centered. Birthing is a singular experience. The essence of this experience is being lost. Birth Song is committed to bringing back childbirth back to its' roots.