Traditional midwifery is part of a care system that honors the normalcy of birth and empowers the birthing woman.

I am a traditional midwife...I like that title. I am part of a care system that honors the normalcy of birth, facilitates the natural process, and empowers the birthing woman. The tradition is to view pregnancy not as an illness, but as a natural event, and birth as a life-enhancing experience.

My goal is to have a direct, open, and honest approach to care. Each woman is unique and should be honored as such. When we are involved in our care, pregnancy is a lot more fun. We are more responsible in preventive terms, which helps to alleviate fears. With active participation we truly are more informed and empowered.

My education comes from many directions. I have a B.S. in Biology, which opened the door to believing in birth. I apprenticed for 2 years with a British Nurse Midwife, who lent me the cultural start. I'm a certified midwife with the Michigan Midwife Association and a CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) through MANA. I am NPR certified in infant recitation. 

Lastly, I am a mother who birthed two children at home. As they walk away to form their own lives, I am reminded of the importance of choices and support. I've been in solo practice since 1982. I'm over the 3,000 babies delivered mark and I have signs of good wear. Is it worth it? Incredibly so. These babies are our ties to natural birth with dignity. They are our future.

My role as a midwife is to provide families with support, education, monitoring, and counsel. I have trust in women's bodies and their capacity to give birth successfully with little or no intervention. I believe that giving birth is something that a woman does, not something that happens to her.

Home birth is a valid option for the non high-risk woman. The women who choose home birth have a strong desire for a place where they will feel safe and respected. They choose and deserve a trusting environment that does not distract with interventions, an environment that is family-centered and provides individual care. This environment fosters a good start for the baby and for the newly-shaped family.